Developer Outsourcing

Do you have your own development team but struggle to keep up with the required work? Alternatively, perhaps you know that a new project is going to start soon but you do not have enough resources to finish it off efficiently. Could it be that you are missing a particular skill set in your technical team?

If you are experiencing any of these operational issues than we can assist you.

With developer outsourcing you can

  • Help increase knowledge and experience to your internal technical teams.
  • Help you finish a project within the given timeframe without the need to employ all the required resources.
  • A big Deloitte team backing your projects meaning that if you need more resources or team members drop out there is always someone to take the lead.
  • You can find the right industry experience which you need, whether it is technical, CRM, ERP, UI, UX, Social media, project management, business strategy, business intelligence, personal development etc.
  • Have peace of mind that our people can integrate with any team due to experience working with international teams and across the globe.

How can Deloitte Digital help?

  • Team of developers and analysis with over 40 years of combined experience in different technologies.
  • Experience in multiple industries and business processes such as Banking, Insurance, Logistics, Telecommunications, IGaming, Private Education, Government sectors.
  • Flexible to accommodate your needs and purposes, be it support for a short period or per project.
  • We can help boost your technical experience quickly and when needed.
  • Outsourcing is not limited to the technology domain but also to business strategy, project management etc.

Case studies

  • A local bank required some technical resources and project managers to help boost delivery of an internal digital transformation project. Deloitte Digital supplied several resources in the technical field of business intelligence, data manipulation and business analysts and project managers.
  • An international telecoms organisation was undergoing digital transformation and required temporary resources to go to market with the new business model. Deloitte Digital helped out by supplying a small team of developers and designers to develop an ecommerce microsite, conduct user experience analysis on their main ecommerce portal and do analysis on requirements for a new mobile application.