Robotic Process Automation

Robotics Process Automation (RPA) can catalyze business processes; RPA tools can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operations while controlling the cost. Interest in RPA is growing and businesses are increasingly deploying RPA tools that reach enterprise scale and operate on a variety of processes across the firm.

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What can RPA do?

RPA enables organisations to automate routine, repetitive tasks, which frees up employees to work on more complicated tasks that require human attention. RPA allows firms to reduce costs while increasing efficiency. At Deloitte Digital, we are seeing an increasing demand for RPA technology from our clients.

How can Deloitte Digital help?

We can help your organisation understand and improve existing processes and systems by reviewing your current processes and identifying pain points in your operations. This will give us the information we need to identify which processes require improvement in order to be more efficient and adapt to automation.

RPA tools can automate tasks and processes that are:

  • Very repetitive
  • Routine
  • Error-prone
  • Rules based
  • Time critical and seasonal

We will guide you in selecting the best platform for automating your processes and support you in choosing the best robot for your needs. This could include a combination of unassisted, hybrid or assisted robots.

We typically start the implementation phase of a project with a ‘proof of concept’ approach. After approval from your business stakeholders, we will select one or two processes for immediate implementation. Usually, those selected are processes with the largest return on investment (ROI) when measuring ‘implementation effort’ versus ‘time saved.’ This will help your firm to gain financial and operational benefits quickly while also freeing up employees’ valuable time. After the proof of concept is ready, we would continue with the full RPA implementation of the remaining, more complex processes that we had identified at the beginning of the project.

Although we can support your organisation in automating any number of internal processes, we can also be flexible in our role during your RPA implementation. We understand that some organisations may have existing teams internally who can provide support in this kind of automation and we are happy to adapt to your needs. Depending on your requirements, our team can lend support to you in many ways, from helping with implementation to training and upskilling your technical team, which would give you the ability to automate any of your current and future processes autonomously.

How we help your business throughout your RPA journey


Assess for automation opportunities

We begin with an assessment of your process landscape to identify opportunity areas. Good candidate processes are those requiring manual interaction with a computer, are largely rules-based, consume a significant amount of time and performed at frequent intervals.


Build your business case

We estimate the opportunities of automation on a process-by-process basis in terms of qualitative and quantitative benefits.


Determine the operating model

We help you decide whether you wish to establish a strategic automation capability within your organisation, or simply opt for an automated outcome with the minimum of effort; this will affect your automation operating model and determine your sourcing options.


Plan the automation roadmap

We look beyond the initial deployment through a roadmap for automation and set out how automation will grow within your organisation. Like other transformation programs, communications, training, and change management are all critical.

Why Deloitte Digital?

  • We are recognised by Forrester as a leader in the RPA market.
  • We can help you quickly realise the value of your investment by kick-starting your project and forming a long-term automation strategy.
  • We can help you on the business side and the technology side; our business and technology consultants will work together to ensure a smooth implementation for you.
  • We have international experience in the field and have access to global resources to help us size the project up or down as required.
  • We have partnerships and alliances with leading RPA vendors globally.

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