Integration Services

Over a number of years, your organisation may have invested in several technologies and solutions and you are now looking for a means to make such platforms communicate with each other. Perhaps you have business processes, which are common to multiple systems. With traditional system design, each system would have the same implementation of such processes. If this is what you are looking for than we can help.

Would you like to have your e-commerce system communicate with your inventory system, or your inventory system with your business intelligence platform? Would you like to centralise business process from separate systems or perhaps make your business more scalable and allow further systems to make use of such centralised processes. We have the expertise to understand all systems involved and help to make your systems talk with each other.

How can Deloitte Digital help?

  • Team of developers and analysis with over 40 years of combined experience in different technologies.
  • Experience in multiple industries and business processes such as Banking, Insurance, Logistics, Telecommunications, IGaming, Private Education, Government sectors.
  • Flexible to accommodate your needs and purposes.

With our Integrated Services, you can:

  • Improve real time integration of data from any part of your organisation.
  • Automate processes for better efficiency and increase productivity.
  • Transfer data from one system to another automatically which increases customer experience and reduces operational costs.
  • Future proof your system to allow new and legacy systems to integrate together reducing manual work.
  • Meet regulatory requirements.
  • Deploy organisational changes faster by simplifying business processes and the cost of change management.
  • Ensure data reaches the executive level faster and allows for more real-time strategic decisions.

Case studies

  • An NGO with 200+ members approached us to develop a membership solution that connects to a cloud service accounting system. Integration services where used to develop an API that interacts between the membership system and the accounting cloud system.
  • A local bank tasked Deloitte Digital to connect over 100 systems together and funnel all the data into one Business Intelligence platform for further strategic analysis.
  • A public transport operator needed to have a common layer between their website and their mobile app. Several custom APIs where written for both applications. This reduced the cost of development and the development time of the services.
  • An international retail and distributor embarked on a digital transformation project across their organisation. One of the tasks entrusted to Deloitte Digital was to configure enterprise middleware solution. This middleware acts as a centralised platform that connects the CRM system with suppliers and with multiple ecommerce platforms, spread over a vast geographic area.