Process Automation

Does your organisation have multiple processes which needs to be executed but which are currently run independently? Alternatively, perhaps your processes require input from entities outside of your organisation as well as entities within your organisation. Such process can include employee on boarding, customer on boarding, merging cross-organisation processes etc.

Using our background in digital transformation and business analysis, Deloitte Digital can help you streamline and optimise your business process. This will help you improve your customer experience, achieve business efficiency as menial processes are automated and hence increase your IT systems return on investment. Automation also gives you the competitive advantage you need to be ahead of the game.

How can Deloitte Digital help?

  • Team of developers and analysis with over 40 years of combined experience in different technologies.
  • Experience in multiple industries and business processes such as Banking, Insurance, Logistics, Telecommunications, IGaming, Private Education, Government sectors.
  • Flexible to accommodate your needs and purposes.
  • We provide support on enterprise level software that handles process automation and custom-made processes that connect your organisation onto one logical layer.

What you can achieve with Process Automation:

  • Help meeting regulatory requirements when no off the shelf solution is available.
  • Help with exporting of data in specific formats according to your needs.
  • Enhanced security and adaptability between systems.
  • Offers a competitive advantage over your competitors.
  • Optimisation of local resources and hardware.
  • Better long-term support for the solution and for your organisation.
  • Better your customer experience when interacting with your organisation.
  • Increase collaboration between multiple teams making you organisation more efficient and increasing ROI.
  • Makes your IT system more resilient to organisation change.
  • Makes your system future proof.
  • Help connect processes together not just systems.

Case study

A local government entity had over 30 forms that citizens can download, fill in and send back as an attachment using email. A process automation and a quick form builder tool was introduced to develop online forms. These forms feed information though an automated process flow that helps the authority to review and analyse the data received. Once approved, the data is posted into other systems in the correct formats.