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How to build a successful sales funnel.

Join our exclusive webinar on 23 June 2022 | 12:00-12:45 CET

Realtime marketing and personalisation is the new trend in MarTech (marketing technology).

Every customer that interacts with a brand, then buys its services and products, will return when they choose and in their own unique way. A well planned digital sales funnel allows you to accompany the customer throughout their entire journey and points of contact with the brand.

The concept of a sales funnel is based on the idea that one must first attract potential customers and then slowly "convert" them into leads through a series of steps and information, building trust and adding more value along the way, until the customer finally reaches the stage where they commit to the purchase and become a paying customer. One of the key factors in the differentiation of successful sales funnels is the ability to capture leads at different levels of awareness about the product or service being offered and push different realtime personalised communication triggered by the specific behaviour of a potential customer

During this short webinar, we will explain the meaning of a sales funnel and discuss the tools that can be used to create a triggered sales funnel based on customer behaviour. 
Join our webinar on 23 June 2022 | 12:00-12:45 CET, and understand:

1. How to build a successful sales funnel.
2. What tools to use.
3. What are the trends and good practices being implemented in the business world.