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    Deloitte Digital Web Publisher



With such an array of products currently existing on the domestic market and with so much demand needing to match supply, it became clear that the Forestals website was in need of expansion. With an already successful and fully operative service in place Forestals determined to make their online personality come up through the ranks and show itself in a new light.


Alert eBusiness developed a state-of-the-art web portal for Forestals. A fresh and interactive design was created to give Forestals’ online presence the new shine that it deserved. With a full and qualified product range which had been painstakingly sorted under their designated categories and sub-categories, products are now much more accessible to consumers. An additional web service that has been specifically developed for the client connects the stock control software Forestals currently uses directly through to the Alert Store Manager, thus guaranteeing real time data to the site on a constant and continual basis.

Forestals’ site is constantly updated as staff have been given access to the Alert Web Publisher – an advanced content management system that makes updating websites a breeze. Additionally the ability to organise Forestals’ products by brand also makes for another great feature giving one the ability to manage and operate large stock with relative ease. Alert created the new site to contain several in-built promotional features, which allow the main page to be consistently and automatically populated with any of the latest, featured and top selling products currently on the market. This allows Forestals to promote emerging products and capitalise on growing trends.

With the addition of a now fully integrated Facebook feature the out-reach from Forestals’ new site is even greater than ever. Due to the nature of Forestals broad product base the brand new website was given Alert’s specialised Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) treatment making its online presence stand out on the global market and thus driving future consumers directly to the site. As well as a number of additional features, Forestals sharp new web-site is now fully compatible for iPhone and iPad applications which quite literally make shopping on-line a breeze. Last but not least Alert executed a newsletter application ensuring that clients could quite readily be informed with regards to any new gadgets which may be of interest.


With the help of Alert eBusiness, Forestals now operate a powerful site which enables customers to browse through its products and make online purchases in an intuitive manner.