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  • Parking, no worries - a solution is possible!

    Nations and cities with high population density and improved road networks are nonetheless being confronted with road congestion issues because they lack efficient parking management facilities in public and private parking areas, both indoors and outdoors.
  • AR – a technology for the present or the future?

    Science fiction has presented us with various concepts for augmented reality (AR) for a number of years. Even movies like Star Wars and The Matrix gave us insights about how it could happen...
  • Brand awareness in B2C marketing

    What is brand awareness? Does it have a cost? How does one increase it? How does it influence consumer behaviour? Your answers here....
  • Consumer Media, Device Usage: Streaming, Bingeing, Ad-Skipping

    The disruption of the technology and media industries continues, with consumers gaining even more control over how and when they interact with—or ignore—marketers’ messages.
  • The Internet Of Things Transforms The Sum Of The Parts, Not Just The Whole

    Technology is usually the breath on the back of our necks, nudging us to do something differently. But historically, that’s also been part of the problem – it’s urging us to essentially do the same thing, but faster, better, or more efficiently by replicating our existing processes digitally.
  • Reaching the New Luxury Consumer

    Despite a challenging global economy, the luxury market remains resilient, according to a Deloitte Global survey. Consumers value quality, personalisation, and emotional experience when buying luxury products.
  • Blockchain’s Future in Oil and Gas

    Oil and gas companies could derive many benefits from blockchain technology, from enhancing efficiency and transparency to more securely storing and managing data.
  • Understanding Web Accessibility

    The beauty in web design is that it can be accessible to everyone. But what factors determine ‘Web Accessibility’ and what are the approaches we should implement to ensure a flawless user experience?
  • Organising for Work in the Digital Age

    To meet the demands of the digital era, companies are looking to move faster, adapt more readily, facilitate rapid learning, and develop versatile, well-rounded professionals. To achieve such agility, businesses are beginning to shift from traditional hierarchical organization structures to more flexible, team-based models.
  • SEO vs PPC - The Face-Off

    SEO and PPC, so different yet so alike. Two different methods of generating traffic towards a website. If both are approached correctly they can be very effective for various types of e-business. In this article, we will look at some of the differences between the two methods.