Deloitte Digital Web Publisher

If you need to keep your site updated, look no further – this is the tool you need! The Deloitte Digital Web Publisher is the content management system of choice for many businesses and organisations in Malta, including several banks and the Office of the Prime Minister.

This powerful and robust content management system can be accessed online through a password-protected control panel, ensuring that only authorised users will be able to edit the site.

Authorised editors can add new pages, delete active pages and update existing pages in the site. The Deloitte Digital Web Publisher content editor works in the same way as Microsoft Word, thereby ensuring that non-technical editors can start using the system with a minimum of fuss. However, we are also aware that some more technical users require added control – that is why the system also allows the more advanced webmaster to view and edit the HTML code directly.

Users of the Deloitte Digital Web Publisher can manage multi-level menus, thus having full control over the structure and hierarchy of the site. They can also upload documents, images and files for use in the website in a very simple manner, with no need for ftp software.

The Deloitte Digital Web Publisher contains an administration module that allows the web administrator to keep an audit trail of editors and the changes made by each person. This module also provides facilities to add users to the system, and grant permissions according to the modules. Different users will only be able to make changes according to the access rights given to them by the web administrator.

Other important features include:

  • A site map, which is generated automatically every time new sections and pages are added. The site map will be displayed in a separate page and every item referenced in the site map page will be a link to the actual page
  • Text search – a simple text search allowing visitors to look for particular content in your site
  • Contact us form - structured query form with up to five fields and one recipient, implemented in the form of form-to-email.

Our core package includes training and a user manual. Once our clients are trained, support is only a phone call away. Clients who use the Deloitte Digital Web Publisher can call our offices Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 5.00 to ask for support. This service is included as part of the licensing program, so no extra charges apply.