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Case studies

Corinthia Hotels case study

Corinthia Hotels is an internationally acclaimed brand of luxury hotels founded in Malta. The chain operates luxury hotels in Malta, Budapest, Prague, Lisbon, Tripoli, Khartoum, St Petersburg and London. This is an ambitious and forward looking company with a goal of becoming the world’s premier luxury hotel group, offering ‘truly gold-standard luxury’.

Corintha has a team of marketing experts that constantly looks at innovative ways to market the chain. As the importance of internet-driven sales increased, it became clear that a major investment in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising was required. The Deloitte Digital team was brought on board in order to maximise their return on investment (ROI).

The Deloitte Digital team worked closely with Corinthia to design a successful PPC campaign for their hotels. The campaign targeted several international audience groups, since Corinthia has hotels all over the world.

The tourism industry is a very competitive one and can be seen as a leader in extensively exploiting the internet as a medium to reach its potential clients. Many bidders from all over the world compete for the very same popular keywords, so the PPC campaigns can become expensive.

The design of the Corinthia PPC campaign was challenging, exciting and included:

  1. Defining hundreds of keywords.
  2. Understanding the brand and Corinthia’s unique selling points.
  3. Defining “local attractions” wherever this was applicable.

The aggressively competitive Google AdWords environment demanded constant optimisation and fine tuning, with a core objective to reach the right audience but keep the cost per click (CPC) within budget. Keywords were constantly monitored to fine-tune and remove unwanted clicks and in search of new marketing opportunities.

Here are some of the results achieved:

  • Increase in sales across the marketed countries.
  • Increase in online sales from PPC.
  • Increase in % of conversions from visitors to customers.
  • Decrease in cost per clicks.

Westin case study

"Alert operates a multiskilled and efficient team of internet experts who ensure that products and services delivered are amongst the most innovative in the industry."

Michael Camilleri Kamsky, General Manager, The Westin, Malta

The Westin Dragonara is a luxury 5-star hotel in Malta that is a part of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Group, one of the leading hotel and leisure companies in the world, with 1051 properties in 100 countries, employing more than 145,000 employees.

Within the tourist industry, the internet has enabled access to large amounts of convenient and quick travel information. Using the internet, customers all over the world can compare their accommodation options, get the best deals and book their trips online (completely bypassing tour operators). This means that internet marketing opportunities for a hotel have dramatically increased and diversified.

The Westin Dragonara Resort is one of the top hotels in Malta. In their pursuit of excellence, they came across an interesting challenge of how to express their uniqueness on the web whislt also getting seearch engines to list them. Westin management approached the Deloitte Digital team with a desire to build and execute an effective search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy within the parameters of their already existing internet marketing strategy. 

Analytics data tells us that search engines generate more than 33% of travel enquiries. According to statistics, e-travellers mostly buy airline tickets (top of the list), followed by the booking of an accommodation. 

Deloitte Digital's team started this exercise with the competitors’ analysis and with the analysis of Westin business, its goals, brand strategy and its overall marketing strategy. A thorough understanding of the Westin business helped the Deloitte Digital team to create a comprehensive keyword list, build a links database and define an aggressive SEO strategy.

Getting to the top of a Google web search for the chosen keywords is the most important result an SEO expert could hope for. Deloitte Digital's SEO experts are proud that they managed to position Westin at the very top of the search engine results for the desired key words, month after month. 

Working closely with the Westin management and marketing teams, the Deloitte Digital's team created an effective internet marketing tool to promote Westin as a 5-star experience and successfully push this sales channel. Deloitte Digital's successful SEO strategy resulted in a significant boost of traffic from search engines. The online traffic continued to grow monthly and, at the time of writing this case study, represents ¾ of all hits to the website.

Sample rankings for westinmalta.com

Keyword   Google position
5 star hotel malta                1
5 star luxury hotel malta            1
malta casino hotel            1
casino hotel malta            1
family hotels malta            1
family accommodation malta            1
malta 5  star hotel            1
wedding resorts malta            1


(Written in May 2011)