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Malta Public Transport

Malta Public Transport (MPT) is the national bus operator of the Maltese islands, where they are responsible for the operation of all buses for public transport services. With such a prominent role in the daily transportation of people, MPT are always seeking to improve on their services to make them as efficient and easy as possible for their customers to travel around the Maltese islands.

How did Deloitte Digital help?

Deloitte Digital embarked on this digital transformation project with Malta Public Transport back in 2015 when the Tallinja brand was just an idea. Throughout the years, our team has supported Malta Public Transport in several steps of this transformation life cycle, which started off from a simple online customer registration portal, and the launch of the Tallinja card together with the Tallinja brand.

By adopting a hybrid agile approach, a continuous flow of new features and channels were made available to the public leading to a fully-fledged self-service online channel for Malta Public Transport customers. The portal was followed by a mobile app for Android and iOS – publicly known as the Tallinja app – becoming necessary have application for daily commuters.

Our team also created the necessary supporting tools to enable Malta Public Transport to manage these online channels – this was achieved through a number of technical integrations and the development of an administration platform enabling the support and customer care teams with their day-to-day tasks and management of customers. Deloitte Digital also supported Malta Public Transport with their brand refresh and consolidation of their online channels, becoming one single web channel –, whilst also introducing new services throughout the years such as TD Plus (Tallinja On Demand), and Tallinja Bike.

User Experience (UX) and User Interaction (UI)

Our UX/UI team was entrusted to design both the Tallinja and MPT portals, keeping in line with brand guidelines and identity. Whilst designing the website, our top priority was to enhance the user experience when using the portal and to ensure users found what they were looking for.

Mobile app

Our team worked hand in hand with MPT to deliver an innovative mobile app for MPT customers. Apart from managing the Tallinja account, top up features and making available timetable information, one of the main features that was launched was the Real Bus Information, developed by Deloitte Digital to integrate the actual public transport service with the app to show real time information of buses approaching their respective bus stops. Our team was also responsible for introducing the on-demand feature within the mobile app where customers are given the possibility to book an on-demand service and track the vehicle on a map at the click of a button.

Administration platform

Deloitte Digital developed a user-friendly admin platform from which the MPT support team could assist customers with their day-to-day issues. Within this solution, MPT keeps track of all the Tallinja card registrations, online transactions as well as providing customer and transactions insights and manage customer data.

The results

Deloitte Digital established a trusted relationship with Malta Public Transport throughout the various projects, and the strong commitment to collaboration achieved remarkable results over the years. The launch of these online services was also truly transformative which transitioned the local public transport operator to a digital first approach with its customers.

Within the first three years of the Tallinja card launch, MPT registered approximately 300,000 users, most of which were portal registrations. In addition, the Tallinja app had approximately 7,000 active users per day with over 612,000 downloads. During 2017, the Tallinja app was awarded the MCA eBusiness Best App Award.


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