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BELS Language School

BELS (Business English Language Schools) operate two boutique schools in Malta and Gozo. They offer English language and business communication courses and English courses in Malta to local and international clients. The team at BELS guarantee personalised attention to every student while promising a holistic experience for English speaking courses.

With years of experience in the industry, BELS are continuously trying to explore better ways of attracting more students with various marketing strategies. Malta is a popular destination for those seeking to learn the English language and hence this is a highly competitive market both on a local and international level. Online searches for such services are huge and BELS recognised the importance of ranking in top positions.

The majority of their clients search for potential schools and courses online. BELS were well aware of all this and realised the importance of improving their website through SEO and investing in a PPC campaign in order to increase sales and traffic.

How did Deloitte Digital help?

At Deloitte Digital, we work with clients on their digital journey and we are able to provide true end-to-end solutions. This enabled us to support BELS on multiple fronts, with the main ones being:

  • User experience (UX) and User interaction (UI) which led to a total revamp of a fully fledge responsive website together with several promotional landing pages in order to create awareness and upsell the school’s vast portfolio.
  • CMS Integration that allowed us to connect their WordPress backend to the frontend code in a seamless manner empowering the client with the ability to update and amend the websites’ content. The solution provided was both flexible and easy to use.
  • SEO and PPC campaigns to help build consumer engagement, provide audience analysis and increase sales and leads.
  • Salesforce implementation used to improve BELS' lead and sales management together with reporting tools to enable BELS to get a better insight of who their customers are and to elevate their marketing campaigns. The platform also bringing the different client facing channels together including website, social media, and email channels to create a single reliable customer view.

The outcome of this is reflected in the organic traffic to the BELS website which increased by 24.73%; they also had an improvement on average session duration which increased by 17.66% (2018 vs 2019).

By working in partnership with BELS, they also experienced:

  • An increase in visitors to the website
  • Enhanced insights into their customers
  • Better management of sales pipeline
  • More efficient and streamlines sales processes
  • Connected experience between frontend channels and BELS customer data platform

The team is now working on achieving:



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