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APS Bank

Established in 1910, APS Bank is one of the leading banking institutions in Malta. Today, APS is a fully-fledged retail bank offering a wide range of personal banking, business banking and investment services, including opening of deposit and saving accounts, retirement planning, online banking, debit cards, deposit facilities, home loans, personal loans, student accounts and SME financing. APS Bank also offers wealth and portfolio management services.

In 2012, Deloitte Digital designed and developed the Bank’s website. Following this in 2017, APS Bank approached Deloitte Digital once again to revamp its website and handle the design and development of the dedicated interactive information kiosk screens used in their branches while adhering to their latest corporate identity guidelines.

The interactive kiosk screens where designed to take on the look and feel of a mobile application compromising of booking appointment forms, maps indicating the client’s branches and email brochure facilities. Each screen ran using the Kiosk Browser tool which allowed us to securely configure them using runtime provisioning packages and allowed for a more secure and customisable Internet site for use in public areas.

By thoughtfully approaching the projects with typical, creative Deloitte manner, these two products where created and launched successfully.

Throughout the years, with continuous development we have helped leverage the power of modern web technologies to collect data in several formats (including documents) and store it for future reviewing. The Deloitte Digital development team has worked on providing the bank with forms that allow their customers to submit generic requests for feedback or information about the bank’s various products and services. The system also allows for the automation of booking of services as well as the setting of meetings between the bank and its customers. This has facilitated the work of back office users as they can access a portal and view customer submissions whilst actioning them accordingly. The platform also provides a historic view of the submitted queries enabling users to review queries from the same customer.

The Deloitte Digital and APS Bank teams worked collaboratively every step of the way enabling the bank to significantly improve its approach to customer experience.


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