Mobile Applications

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Have you ever wondered how a custom mobile application can benefit your business? Do you want to improve customer engagement? Mobile applications have become a powerful and essential client engagement tool in today’s smartphone driven world. A mobile application offers businesses a platform for marketing while facilitating user flow to access a service.

Mobile Web & Commerce

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We excel at developing bespoke web, mobile and e-commerce applications to meet our clients’ requirements. Our 20 years’ experience in web based application development puts us in a unique position to offer premium quality and scalability.

Different hybrid mobile app development technologies

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Mobile application development is split in two main categories; native mobile development and hybrid mobile development. These different approaches have both advantages and disadvantages that determine their suitability for different applications. In this article, we will be comparing the two technologies used to create hybrid applications which, for ease of reference, can be re-categorised as “web view” applications and “native” applications.

Does your business use Backend as a Service (BaaS)?

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With many companies seeking to expand their online presence, Backend as a Service (Baas) has emerged as an option for tech companies seeking to manage the growing demand in this rapidly dynamic environment. This article looks at the features of BaaS.