Financial transformation for the digital era

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The digital economy has brought with it a certain amount of turmoil, especially within the world of financial services. However, most finance professionals have to tackle the challenges faced by the digital economy, because of constant change in both economic and regulatory environments.

From self-driven cars to “flying cars” - a possible glimpse of our future?

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In the 80’s, teenagers were brought up with popular TV shows such as Knight Rider, which featured Michael Knight and his buddy K.I.T.T, a car controlled by a computer with artificial intelligence, autopilot and other sort of “wizardry”. Another hit movie from that era was Back to the Future, featuring the famous DeLorean car which, by mean of its Flux Capacitors and Fusion Reactor, was capable of flying through time!

How blockchain affects the digital marketing industry

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You will probably have heard about the “blockchain[1]” and how it is perceived that it will bring revolutionary change to all industries and impact all walks of life. For digital marketing specialists, who already know the importance of keeping up to date with changes in technology and digital marketing platform updates, this is no exception.

How the internet has changed our world

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Imagine a world where no internet exists. No Google, Facebook, email, online shopping, MMORGs. This was probably the case some 30 years back, which not too long ago when you consider the changes that have gone by! Children nowadays do not imagine a world without smartphones, Wi-Fi, tablets and social media. So how did the internet change the world?