Making use of ICT to provide service excellence at Transport Malta

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Transport Malta embarked on a project with Deloitte Digital to re-design and relaunch its eReg application. With this new digital platform, the purchasing of number plates and soon the registration and licensing of motor vehicles will be transformed from a manual process into a more accessible, simple and convenient service.

obots can be considered similar to children, in the sense that they learn from their mistakes, like toddlers do, including after they fall over. While we want robots to make our lives easier, we cannot quite bring ourselves to trust them, yet. In fact, nowadays the general concern is that robots might soon be stealing our jobs in the future.

An evolution of computer games

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Whenever I see my sons playing some Roblox games on the iPad, my mind immediately goes back in time to when I was a kid the same age as them in the 80s. Maybe I am getting old, but I always tell them that, back then, games were more addictive and more difficult to play. Obviously I’m somewhat nostalgic about those days but no one can deny the huge leaps and bounds that computer games have undergone over the last 40-odd years.

An introduction to cybersecurity

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Cybersecurity is a buzz word in the IT industry at the moment. For years, governments like those of the UK and the US, have been trying to tackle the lack of knowledge in cybersecurity - both at general user level and at expertise level.