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An in-depth look at Website Development vs Mobile App Development

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Whether you're a software developer motivated to create a new application, a business owner wanting to expose your business on the internet, or simply an entrepreneur looking to show off your million-dollar idea, one thing to be considered at an early stage would be the platform on which your new web application would run.

At the beginning of my career, a colleague of mine stated an insightful phrase: “There are two main ways to learn from every work related experience: the best approach of how and what to do any practice, and the exact opposite! You can always learn what NOT to do”. Characterisation of these circumstances are known as anti-design patterns.

AR – a technology for the present or the future?

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Science fiction has presented us with various concepts for augmented reality (AR) for a number of years. Even movies like Star Wars and The Matrix gave us insights about how it could happen. The reality is that augmented reality has come a long way since it was idealised in science fiction books and movies.