Custom Development

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Have you ever encountered a digital problem but could not find the appropriate off the shelf solution? Do you have any industry specific requirement that is not addressed digitally? Than perhaps, Deloitte Digital can help you there.

Web Usability Evaluation

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Good User Experience (UX) is not an event, it is a journey. When it comes to improving customer experiences, there can be no half-hearted attempts. Embracing UX is not a one-time event and therefore, should be a fluid and most importantly continuous part of every business’s long-term online strategy.

Leverage insight-driven strategies and advanced technology solutions to energize sales and service operations for digitally powered growth. Our technology professionals can help you resolve the most critical information and technology challenges.

From self-driven cars to “flying cars” - a possible glimpse of our future?

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In the 80’s, teenagers were brought up with popular TV shows such as Knight Rider, which featured Michael Knight and his buddy K.I.T.T, a car controlled by a computer with artificial intelligence, autopilot and other sort of “wizardry”. Another hit movie from that era was Back to the Future, featuring the famous DeLorean car which, by mean of its Flux Capacitors and Fusion Reactor, was capable of flying through time!