From self-driven cars to “flying cars” - a possible glimpse of our future?

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In the 80’s, teenagers were brought up with popular TV shows such as Knight Rider, which featured Michael Knight and his buddy K.I.T.T, a car controlled by a computer with artificial intelligence, autopilot and other sort of “wizardry”. Another hit movie from that era was Back to the Future, featuring the famous DeLorean car which, by mean of its Flux Capacitors and Fusion Reactor, was capable of flying through time!

How the internet has changed our world

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Imagine a world where no internet exists. No Google, Facebook, email, online shopping, MMORGs. This was probably the case some 30 years back, which not too long ago when you consider the changes that have gone by! Children nowadays do not imagine a world without smartphones, Wi-Fi, tablets and social media. So how did the internet change the world?

IT and real-world applications

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Is the ancient Greek philosopher Plato said, “Necessity is the mother of invention”, and this is no less valid in the world of IT. The first machine, which resembled a modern-day computer, was created by Charles Babbage in 1822. His application? He wanted to build a machine that was capable of computing mathematical problems.

Organising for Work in the Digital Age

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To meet the demands of the digital era, companies are looking to move faster, adapt more readily, facilitate rapid learning, and develop versatile, well-rounded professionals. To achieve such agility, businesses are beginning to shift from traditional hierarchical organization structures to more flexible, team-based models.