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  • Cracking the operational analytics nut

    Analytics managers or business people interested in analytics often say that performing some analytics on data is not the primary problem they have.
  • The internet secret keys

    Recently, a large portion of the internet went down because of hackers who managed to send uncontrollable traffic to Dyn servers. Although hackers remained unable to take control one of the major DNS service providers, they successfully managed to take a portion of the internet offline for a few hours.
  • Blockchain - Not just for financial services

    The technology underpinnings of the blockchain could provide organisations with the ability to complete digital transactions with less friction and increased confidence.
  • 10 Disruptive HR technology trends

    The transformational changes taking place across the HR technology landscape have the potential to provide CIOs with better tools for managing the people side of their IT organisations.
  • The principles of user interface design

    "The public is more familiar with bad design than good design. It is, in effect, conditioned to prefer bad design, because that is what it lives with. The new becomes threatening, the old reassuring.” Paul Rand.
  • Grief stages and technology security challenges

    Within the small businesses context, decision makers tasked with security and technology decisions regularly struggle with this topic. To a large extent, even with all we see in the news, technology and security concepts remain largely abstract, poorly understood and at times simply dismissed.
  • Thunder and brainstorms

    Creativity is a skill and not just an innate talent. Although some people are more creative than others, everyone can become a creative thinker, with some training. And this is an increasingly essential qualification for any curriculum. It is no longer enough to have a few creative people in an organisation; it is necessary to have an organisation of creative people.
  • Will computers ever be smarter than us?

    Most of us have seen or heard of the Terminator series of films where the story revolves around the concept of computers from the future becoming “self-aware” and deciding in an instant to overcome the human race and destroy it...
  • Approaching technology in schools

    Technology is everywhere, intertwined with almost every part of our daily lives. It affects how we shop, socialise, connect, play and, most importantly, learn.
  • How the internet has changed our world

    Imagine a world where no internet exists. No Google, Facebook, email, online shopping, MMORGs. This was probably the case some 30 years back, which not too long ago when you consider the changes that have gone by! However, times have change quite dramatically since then!